Sophisticated multi-asset class investment management across global markets with an emphasis on alternative assets and strategies

AIM offers global multi-asset funds emphasizing alternative assets and strategies as well as advisory services. Our flagship multi-asset Alignvest Strategic Partners Fund (“ASPF”) combines the best of the “Canada Model” approach (with elements taken from CPPIB and HOOPP) and seeks to outperform a traditional 60/40 portfolio over a full market cycle.

Current capital market assumptions for 60/40 call for approximately 4-5% annualized returns over the next decade with increased volatility versus the previous generation. ASPF targets higher annualized net returns with similar or lower risk compared to 60/40 due to its more global and diversified nature.

Reflecting the backgrounds and skills of our people, ASPF is structured similarly to sophisticated Canadian pension plans, with a mix of internal and external investments and with risk managed carefully at the total portfolio level.

We have been investing this way since 2014 – methodically building and refining our funds – including layering in attractive alternative assets and strategies from around the world. With approximately $250 million of assets under management and over $9 billion in assets under advisement, AIM is configured to grow this business in the service of clients who value the Canada Model as a suitable core holding in their portfolios.

AIM is part of the broader Alignvest Management Corporation, which is a holding company comprised of institutional quality entrepreneurs investing their own capital into a range of investment platforms typically started from scratch, in alignment with high net worth individuals and institutions who value innovation in investment management.