AIM develops solutions to maximize long-term, risk-adjusted expected returns. Over the long run, the most important investment decision is strategic asset allocation and the careful selection of globally diversified portfolios of alternative assets and strategies to meet objectives. Our team further adds value using tactical asset allocation based on proprietary medium-term macroeconomic research.

Within global asset classes, portfolios use a state-of-the-art, factor-based approach. AIM’s portfolios use a hybrid of internal and external management to incorporate low-cost passive and cost-conscious, active strategies to enhance risk-adjusted expected returns. We seek out active strategies that are focused or concentrated within inefficient, overlooked, and illiquid markets. Dynamic risk management is an integral part of our investment strategy, designed to keep desired active risk exposures and to remove unwanted risk.

AIM provides a high level of service to our clients that draws on our team’s deep experience and insight into investment policies, asset allocation, portfolio management and risk management.

Customized mandates are available for institutional investors globally. Alignvest Strategic Partners Fund (ASPF) is available in Canada to accredited investors and small to mid-sized institutional investors.